A lot of really exciting things happened this week at KAFS, but unfortunately I’ve been sworn to secrecy about a lot of it! Be sure to go and follow MBP on Facebook for any updates!

What I can tell you is that this week my lemur species tally reached four – black and white ruffed lemurs, greater bamboo lemurs, red-fronted lemurs, and aye ayes!  Seeing an aye aye, one of the world weirdest, wackiest and most endangered species in the world was such a special experience.

A bundle of Varecia

It was a week of some seriously intense hiking, as even at our easier field site, Sangasanga, the lemurs have moved to the top of the mountains to feed on Ravinala palms that have just started flowering.

Varecia feeding on Ravinala flowers

Another point of excitement was seeing a tenrec. These little guys are pretty rare, and we stumbled on him while walking back to our tent site one night. I love that after 5 weeks working here we are still seeing new animals!

A tenrec!  (Photo from Savanna Sanders)

On the weekend, a bunch of us went back to Mananjary for a girl’s weekend. The week before last, Savanna and I helped Ando (a PhD student here) to name her guide’s newborn son. She was asked to name him as a ‘souvenir’ so that they would always remember them, which I found really lovely. So the main mission of this trip was to deck out little Aaron Kyle with a teeny tiny wardrobe. This was lots of fun as it meant going to a big clothes market and buying all sorts of cute goodies.

Market stalls for miles in Mananjary
Finding clothes for Aaron Kyle!

Rather than eating at the hotel restaurant, this time we ate at a French themed place called La Grillion, which was fantastic. A full, undo-your-belt sized meal cost us less than $3 – Going back to Adelaide is certainly going to be a rude shock on the old wallet!


Oh cheese, how I have missed you so.