In week 10, the new cohort of volunteers arrived – all nine of them! After almost three months with just the two of us, life at camp suddenly got a lot crazier. They’re all lovely though, and it’s been a lot of fun spending the past two weeks training the new simus volunteers, Cathy and Cassie.   I was really lucky that the weather has been great for most of my trip, but unfortunately for the new volunteers, the rain started as soon as they arrived. Heavy, unrelenting, soak-you-to-your-bones rain that an Aussie like me has next to no experience with.

Drenched but happy
One of the many uses for Ravinala leaves

I’m glad I did get to experience it though – we are living in a rainforest after all. Fieldwork was very muddy and slippery, but I’m proud to report that I didn’t fall once! I’ve definitely come a long way since my constant falls on team Varecia.  It was really fun showing Cathy and Cassie the simus mums and babies, which aren’t so tiny anymore!

They’re growing up so fast!
Interesting position for a nap

For our last weekend at KAFS, we showed the new group around, watched the football semi finals, went out with our guide friends, and visited the Kianjavato markets one last time.

At the football – a tiny bit wet

Week 11 was a rollercoaster of emotions. I have had such a fantastic time here, and am none too pleased to be leaving soon. It was a great week though. Out in the field one day, Mamy spotted two mouse lemurs. During the day!! Because the lemur we were following was having a little snooze I got to watch them for about half an hour which was very special.  The same day I also saw another new species, the Gray Bamboo Lemur!

There’s a mouse lemur in there!

Instead of just Savanna and I going for the reporting weekend, a group of 15 of us went to Mananjary for our final weekend, which was sad but a lot of fun.



When we got back on Sunday, Théoluc had arranged for us to go out with him and another guide to try and see an Aye Aye! I wasn’t able to get any pictures, but we did get to see a juvenile male Aye Aye and it was absolutely incredible, I couldn’t quite believe it was happening. We also saw a fat tailed dwarf lemur. I am so thankful to Théoluc for being such a good guide and friend and making sure we had a last weekend to remember!