Clearly I can’t stay still for very long, because tomorrow I leave for my next research trip – Malaysia!!

I thought by the end of three months living in Madagascar I’d be ready to come home to  the normality of a bed, shower and foods other than rice. But it’s been the complete opposite. I’ve been absolutely dying to get back out into the wilderness on a new project.

Luckily for me, it didn’t take too long until I was chosen for a 10 week research assistant position with Lang Tengah Turtle Watch (LTTW).

Image from LTTW


LTTW started up in 2013 as a conservation initiative helping to protect green sea turtles.  In Malaysia, poaching and commercial sale of turtle eggs is a significant problem. LTTW has helped prevent almost 50,000 eggs from being sold into the market so far and are doing amazing work in helping to boost populations and provide education about the importance of conservation.

For my first week I’ll be staying on the tiny tropical island of Lang Tengah, off the coast of Terengganu (Peninsular Malaysia), being trained in all things green sea turtle. Afterwards, I’ll move to Tanjong Jara back on the mainland, where I’ll be based for the rest of my time.

Tanjong Jara is a 5 star tourist resort, and though I’ll be living in the staff quarters, you can bet it’s going to be luxurious compared to the tiny tent I put up with last time!

malaysia map.JPG
Lang Tengah is part of the Perhentian islands cluster


As far as I can tell, my job will involve a bit of everything – monitoring nesting turtles, excavating and relocating nests, running the hatcheries, educating tourists, and helping to raise awareness and funds for the program.

I can’t wait!!!

I’m not entirely sure what my internet situation will be like to start with, but I’ll try and keep you all updated here as much as I can.

Stay tuned and thanks for following along  🙂

Looks like paradise!