I arrived back from Malaysia at the end of last week. Overall my internship with Lang Tengah Turtle Watch was a fantastic experience. I felt so lucky to be working with sea turtles everyday and helping to raise awareness about conservation. I know that what I was doing was making a real difference to sea turtle populations in that region which is a fantastic feeling.

The LTTW team

I’ve not even been home a week and yet on Thursday I leave for my next adventure – Honduras!

I’m lucky enough to have been offered an entomologist position with Operation Wallacea. Operation Wallacea are a scientific research organisation with projects all over the world. They’re funded entirely through the running of school and university expeditions. As a staff member, I’ll be responsible for running entomological surveys, mostly of beetles and moths, as well as teaching students about conservation.  It seems like it’s going to be a great combination of my interests across science, travel, education and outreach, and I can’t wait!

Location of Cusuco National Park in Honduras

I’ll be spending two months living in Cusuco National Park, situated in Honduras, Central America. Cusuco is a cloud forest – an area of high altitude, high diversity, and high endemism.  I’ll get to experience their base camp, which has a few mod cons like basic toilets and showers, as well as their more rustic satellite camps which are more of a latrine and waterfall situation!

What some of the satellite camps look like!

I’m not likely to have internet or phone access while I’m away, so unfortunately I’m not going to be able to post here. I’ll definitely do some posts once I get home though to get you all up to speed on how it went though!

Wish me luck!

Can’t wait to get out there!